APRIL, 6 2017

A Distinction Between Late Night Party and Nightclub

It’s 3am on Sunday morning, the pub in the back streets of Fitzroy just closed and you don’t want to finish your Saturday night out just yet. You and your friends want to keep dancing and drinking. Where do you go? To Glamo of course.

A late night on Friday or Saturday night on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy over the last twelve months has become synonymous with Glamorama. How does that happen?

First, Glamorama have a 5am license on Friday and Saturday night. However, this isn’t our only distinction. In fact, trading till 5am does not make a space right for the inner north to come and have their late night disco or drink. There is a mix need to create a late night venue and it is deliberate but ever changing. In this instance it was a matter of noticing what was missing on Fitzroy and Brunswick Street for a Saturday night out, party or nightclub.

What people want is affordable quality. High level quality is the guiding principle at Glamorama whether that’s for after work drinks for 9 to 5ers or knock offs for local hospitality venues finishing their ‘open late’ hours. The challenge created from trading 5pm - 5am on the weekends was to be more than just a night club, dive bar or the final resort. This is the challenge Melbournians - as discerning and educated punters - demand, that make our job as publicans fun. They know what they want, and usually where to get it.

From the get-go Glamorama distinguished itself in Fitzroy by focusing on electronic music. The design was made to hold a late night party, not be a nightclub. A place that was ageless, where those seeking out quality fun could find it whether it was on the dance floor for a disco, in the courtyard for one last smoke or on the shelves of the back bar for a 4am fine-as-fuck whisky. We made it for the seekers of nightclubs and the late night disco so they could stick within their groups looking for cocktail and whisky bars trading later than 3am.

A place where the last dance can be had, and one more drink can be enjoyed; Glamorama is where you can set your crazy spirits free.