MARCH 8, 2017


*Ring Ring, Ring Ring*
Hello Glamorama and Spare Me Kitchen
Hi, I’d like to book in a function. What can you do?...

That’s how a call usually starts for a booking. We like to flip that question and ask ‘well, what do you want to do? Because we can probably do that.’ That usually catches people off guard in a good way.

Birthday dinners for 2 to 40 are entertained with all the dietary requirements included; wedding after parties are looked after on busy Saturday nights with express entry guest lists, a booth and bottles; guest lists for birthdays are set up with a few free drinks for birthday legends and that’s just ‘the usual’ par for the course. The team at Glamorama and Spare Me Kitchen are exceptionally skilled in delivering consistently and exceeding expectations constantly.

The way we see our nightclub, it doesn’t matter if you’re a late night venue, nightclub, speciality whisky bar, function space, or restaurant - if you look after the people you already have the rest will take care of itself. Patronage from our loyal party and nightclub goers is our ultimate aim at Glamorama Bar.

A guest is treated as such regardless of the booking, event or function - Glamorama, and Spare Me’s team are epic at hospitality (and we’re proud of them). The bar team happily welcome groups of 10, 20, 30 and 40+ people at midnight and keep them happy till later than late; special requests for favourite rums, whiskies, custom cocktails or venue decorations are handled with a smile. People are made to feel valued, and that’s the key to getting on the customer list for function bookings whether they are considering northside, southside or even in the CBD.

When you’re able to do ‘whatever’ till ‘whatever time’; the world of functions and events become a staple in the business model and public desire to use the unique space. Truth be told functions become a lot more fun when we’re only limited by the imagination of the people organising them.