- Please note that all bookings are limited to 2 hour seating times
- Duplicate bookings under the same name will not be accepted.
- all dinner reservations with over 10 guests need to either call us or click the 3rd option below

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Who & What is Spare Me?

Spare Me kitchen has a contemporary Australian menu, lead by Yannick Beaucane as Head Chef and David Stuart as Executive Chef. Housed inside Glamorama, the venue is reinforced as a night out destination serving high quality food matched to premium sound, music and drinks. 

Fit for any occasion, no request is too big or too small. Want to host a dinner party with out the mess or stress? We can take care of that. Catering for bookings of up to 50 for dinner, Spare Me Kitchen welcomes all with plenty of Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Vegetation options.

The drinks menu is impressive with an incredible selection of Aussie Single Malt Whisky and a few hundred other bottles of all manner of spirits. Come for a casual wine and dine, booze late and dance the night away, or book out the venue for your next function.

The team at Spare Me Kitchen are dedicated to making your night memorable in every sense.